Book I: Gold & White

Welcome to Vardaris-Katorr, our sister-planet in multiverse…

This is Gabrielle’s story and the beginning of the journey through this world where wolves, lions, reptiles and – to some extent – birds have come to resemble us through “convergent evolution”.


Dragons, too, are key players in this world, but they are much more than they appear.  Teachers, healers, scientists, artists…they can manipulate the very fabric of reality at the quantum level.  They provide a safe space for the various races to come together to study and learn: the wolf-like Sykkhonians and Graeorans; the leonine Channasi; and the avian Anthierrans.  Only the reptilian Tchrokmyrrans are unwelcome…and for good and painful reasons…


The technology level for this world is pre-20th Century.  While not specifically Victorian or Steampunk, graceful airships and powerful steam trains cross the continents, while elk-like szukars with double-cloven hooves are mounts and companions as the journey progresses from the sprawling royal capital of Sykkhonian Rhoenglasz to the ancient island home of the dragons known as Szkolnieba.


Come along to this world that’s like our own…and very different, too…